Our RoadMap

Year 2023

Introduction and launch of our Masternode Hosting Platform in the fourth quarter – an innovative solution optimizing and enabling the operation of Masternodes for various cryptocurrencies.

We’re currently offering free hosting for Epsium Masternodes, providing an initial opportunity for our community members to get started hassle-free.

Quarter 1 – 2, Year 2024

The Mobile Game is gearing up for an exciting launch in the first quarter, promising an immersive experience for all gaming enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more details!

Quarter 3, Year 2024

By integrating a wallet into our Mobile Game in the third quarter, we not only enhance the gaming experience but also unlock real earning opportunities. Your Epsium adventure is about to become more thrilling and profitable!

Quartal 4. 2024

In 2024, we’re gearing up to launch a compact exchange, streamlining the coin purchasing process for players. This initiative is tailored to enhance overall convenience, making it simpler and more accessible for everyone in the Epsium community to acquire coins

Year 2025

Blockchain Optimization and Upgrades: We are committed to the continual refinement of our blockchain, ensuring optimal performance and security. Expect regular upgrades and the introduction of innovative features to enhance your experience.


Mobile Payment App Development: We are actively working on the development of a mobile payment app in collaboration with our trusted provider. Currently in the testing phase, we aim to fine-tune and make necessary adjustments to ensure a seamless and secure payment experience.

Year 2026

Unveiling New Horizons and Collaborations: Embarking on the exploration and development of groundbreaking projects. Forging strategic partnerships to broaden and enhance our ecosystem.

Worldwide Reach: Adapting platforms and content to resonate with diverse international markets. Deploying proactive marketing and growth initiatives to extend our global footprint.

Evolving Blockchain Excellence: Perpetual enhancements and fine-tuning of our blockchain technology to ensure cutting-edge performance and security.

Long-Term Goals

Job Opportunities and Social Impact: Generating employment opportunities and contributing to social responsibility

Seamless Integration into Everyday Life: Fostering the widespread adoption of Epsium as a convenient daily payment method.

Pioneering Innovation and Diversification: Constantly innovating and unveiling new projects to enrich our diverse offerings.