About us

Welcome to Epsium MegaCorp – the driving force behind a new era in the crypto world

Epsium MegaCorp is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency industry dedicated to fostering innovation, sustainability and a more innovative future. Our company was founded in 2023 with a vision to establish a sustainable and diverse presence in the crypto ecosystem, and since then we have continuously explored new ways to achieve our goals.

Epsium MegaCorp’s mission: innovation

At Epsium MegaCorp, we are committed to innovation and sustainability as we build a thriving crypto ecosystem.

Our focus is on continuously introducing groundbreaking innovations to shape a sustainable future. With a strong commitment to technological advancement and social responsibility, we strive to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrencies.

Masternode Hosting

One of our main initiatives is to provide a masternode hosting platform that offers anyone with a masternode a cost-effective and reliable hosting solution. We understand the challenges masternode operators face and want to help them run their masternodes efficiently without having to worry about technical details or high costs.

Mobile Game

At Epsium MegaCorp, we are enthusiastically working on an exciting project: an innovative game that allows players to earn Epsium Coins and even earn real money! Our developers are working hard to create a fun and engaging gaming experience that also takes advantage of cryptocurrency.

Epsium MegaCorp.

At Epsium MegaCorp, we not only have big goals, but also clear visions for the future. One of our main goals is to found our own company and obtain a license in the financial technology (fintech) sector.

With a strong vision and a dedicated team, we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible and make a positive change in the world. Welcome to Epsium MegaCorp – where innovation, sustainability and progress go hand in hand.

Total Coin Generation:

  • Total Coin Generation:
    • 100% of Epsium coins are generated through our blockchain network.
  • Coin Sale:
    • To fuel development, innovation, and market presence, 40% of the generated coins are allocated for sale.
  • Company Reserve:
    • A robust foundation is vital for sustained success. Hence, 60% of the coins are retained by Epsium MegaCorp, serving as a financial anchor for future projects, expansions, and unforeseen challenges.


Low-Cost Trading Fees

Engage in trading with confidence, as Epsium MegaCorp offers competitive and budget-friendly trading fees, giving you a cost-effective advantage in the market.

Efficient Masternode Hosting

Benefit from our cutting-edge Masternode hosting platform, ensuring seamless operation and optimal performance for a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Diverse Coin Listing:

Explore a wide array of cryptocurrencies on our platform, providing a comprehensive trading experience. Epsium MegaCorp is committed to being a central hub for Masternode enthusiasts.

Innovative Mobile Game Integration

Experience a unique blend of entertainment and earnings with our integrated mobile game. Trade, earn Epsium, and be part of a gaming revolution that connects seamlessly with our trading ecosystem.

Secure and Transparent Transactions

Trust in the security of your transactions with our robust blockchain technology. Epsium MegaCorp prioritizes transparency and user security in every trade.

Active Community Support

Join a vibrant community of traders and enthusiasts. Epsium MegaCorp is dedicated to fostering an engaged community where knowledge sharing and support are at the forefront.














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